All About ISO Membership

All About ISO Membership

ISO is an international non-governmental organization. Though it is voluntary, individuals, families or companies cannot join ISO as members.

Currently, there are a total of 165 countries with each being represented by a recognised standards body. Interesting to note is that over 70% of these bodies are owned/established by their governments.

Member categories

There are 3 member categories in ISO

  • Full members or member bodies – There are 121 Member bodies in ISO. 

They influence ISO standards development and strategy through participation and voting in ISO technical and policy meetings. Apart from that, full members’ bodies sell and adopt ISO Standards in their countries. 

  • Correspondent members– There are 40 Correspondent members. These members attend ISO technical and policy meetings as observers. They are not allowed to vote; however, these members can sell and adopt ISO Standards nationally. Correspondent members in the territories that are not national entities are not allowed to adopt the standards but they can sell. 
  •  Subscriber members- There are only 4 members. These members keep up to date on ISO’s work but cannot participate in it. They do not sell or adopt ISO Standards nationally. 

Full Member bodies

Afghanistan                    Denmark                            Iceland              Malaysia

Albania                            Domnica                            India                 Malta          

Algeria                             Domnican Republic          Indones          Mauritania

Angola                              Ecuador                         Iran                    Mauritius

Antigua & Barbuda         Egypt                            Iraq                      Mexico

Argentina                          El-salvador                 Ireland                 Moldova

Armenia                            Eritrea                         Israel                     Montenegro

Australia                          Eswatini                       Italy                       Morocco        

Austria                             Ethiopia                       Jamaica                  Mozambiqu

Azerbaijan                        Fiji                               Japan                    Myanmar

Bahamas                          Finland                        Jordan                  Namibia

Bahrain                            France                          Kazakhstan         Nepal

Bangladesh                      Gabon                          Kenya                Netherlands

Barbados                          Gambia                        Korea                New Zealand

Cameroon                        Georgia                        Kuwait             Nicaragua

Canada                             Germany                      Kyrgyzstan        Niger

Chad                                Ghana                          Lao People’s Democratic Republic

Chile                                Gambia                      Latvia                 Nigeria

China                               Greece                       Lebanon            North Marcedonia

DRCongo                        Guatemala                 Lithuania            Malta         Norway

Cote D’Ivoire                  Guyana                  Luxembourg           Oman

Croatia                            Haiti                         Macao                    Pakistan

Cuba                                Honduras                 Madagascar          Palestine

Cyprus                             Hong Kong                 Malawi               Panama

Czech Republic              Hungary                     Mali       Papua New Guinea

Paraguay                          Syrian Arab Republic

Peru                                   Tajikistan

Philistine                          Tanzania

Poland                               Thailand

Qatar                                 Togo

Romania                           Trinidad & Tobago

Russia                                 Tunisia

Rwanda                              Turkey

Saint Kitts & Nevis           Turkmenistan

Saint Lucia                         Uganda

Saint Vincent & The Grenadines

Sao Tome & Principe          Ukraine

Saudi Arabia                        United Arab Emirates

Senegal                                  United Kingdom

Serbia                                    United States

Seychelles                             Uruguay

Sierra Leone                        Uzbekistan

Singapore                             Vanuatu

Slovakia                                Viet Nam

Slovenia                                Zambia

South Africa                         Zimbabwe

Spain                                     Switzerland





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