Front Page of the ISO standard explained

Front Page of the ISO standard explained

Cover page of ISO Standards explained

What information is contained on the front page of the International Standards?

At the very top are the words “INTERNATIONAL STANDARD” which have been centered.  This denotes that it is a publication of the International Organization for Standardization. 

Once the standard is adopted, the word “International” will be replaced with the country’s name but the name “Standard” will be retained ie Kenyan Standard, British Standard, American Standard, Ugandan Standard, German Standard, China Standard, etc.

On the top right corner – ISO (International Organization for Standardization). This will be followed by a unique no. ie ISO 9001- This number represents the sector 


  • ISO 9000- Quality Management Systems 
  • ISO 14000- Environmental Management systems 
  • ISO 22000- Food security Management Systems 
  • ISO 39001- Road Transport Safety Management Systems 

Below the unique identification number, is the edition number i.e Second edition. This simply means the standard has been revised once and this is the second version of the document. If it is the third edition, it means the document has been revised twice. 

Basically, the revision will always be a number behind the edition.

Below the edition, is a number. Well, this is not just a number, it represents the date the revised standard was published. For the first edition, the standard will give the date the document was published. 

Beneath the revision date, are 3 lines and below them is Title of the Standard in both English and French language. I.e. for ISO 9001:2015the title is “Quality Management Systems- Requirements” In French: “Système de management de la qualité- exigences”

For ISO 19011- the title is “Guidelines for auditing management systems” In French “Lignes directrices pour l’audit des systèmes de management”

 Remember, there are no two standards that will have exact title. 

 At the bottom we have the ISO logo having the world emblem with the word ISO on it which depicts a global reach. NB The logo is a copyright of the ISO organization.

Bottom right is the standard’s Reference No. i.e. ISO 9001:2015 (E)- 9001 represents quality Management System, 2015 is the year it was published and the letter in brackets represents the language its published in (English)

For a French Quality Management standard- ISO 9001:2015 (F). It is obvious to tell the language the standard is in even without opening the first page!

The last piece of information on the front page is – ©ISO2015. This represents the year the standard was copyrighted. Please note that this year coincides with the publishing year. ISO documents are copyrighted and ISO charges for most copies. It is important to note that ISO does not charge most of the drafts in electronic format.

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