What’s in it for Kenya and Africa with Eddy Njoroge as the ISO president?

What’s in it for Kenya and Africa with Eddy Njoroge as the ISO president?

For the first time in the History of ISO, we have a president from the African continent! What does that mean for Kenya where the president ails from and the entire continent?

Mr. Eddy Njoroge’s two-year term commenced in January 2020 and will end in December 2021. He has already set his office in the capital city, Nairobi. Westlands, 95Riverside Drive. 

By the mere representation by the president of ISO, Kenya is already making footprints at the International Standards arena. This does not come as a surprise to many as we have other Kenyans at the helm of International Organizations .ie Mukhisa Kituyi the Secretary-General of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. 

Mr. Eddy Njoroge vied in for the same position in 2016 and lost by just one vote to John Walter- (Canadian). During the 2018 Elections, our president was voted unanimously by the 165 member countries. He served one year (2019) as the president-elect.

Some of the benefits experienced so far:

Increased visibility – for Kenya and the whole of Africa. You can’t mention ISO without mentioning the son of our soil. In ISO’s 73 years of existence, there has never an African president. He is truly the pride of Africa.

Promotion of tourism and the hospitality sector– for the first time also in the history of ISO, 34th ISO Committee on Conformity Assessment (CASCO) held its plenary meeting in Africa and Kenya to be precise. This meeting was held when the sitting president was the president Elect; May 2019, a total of 130 delegates being present. After the Covid-19 pandemic, more meetings might be held in Kenya or any other African country. 

Voice of developing countries– In Mr. Njoroge’s four-point agenda, he intends to be the voice of developing countries in matters of standardization. This will foster the inclusivity of developing countries in participation in key policy committees.

Sensitization in Standards – We know the role of standards in the world. Having a representative in the very high office will create a lot of sensitization through media houses and the various standardization conferences.  

Formulating a strategic plan for ISO 2030 – it is during the sitting president that the current Strategic Plan for ISO will be reviewed. This is an opportunity to steer the International organization in the best vision until 2030. 

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