10 Quality Service Delivery Standards

10 Quality Service Delivery Standards

Customers really appreciate quality services and products. One of the principles of ISO 9001:2015 is customer focus. For sustained business growth and customer, retention organizations should invest heavily in customer satisfaction. Monitoring of customers’ perception should also be done periodically to ascertain the degree to which their needs and expectations are being met.

Examples of monitoring customer perceptions include; customer surveys, customer feedback on already delivered products and service, market share analysis, compliments, warranty claims, etc

Some of the quality service delivery standards that we recommend;

  1. Be impeccably groomed and dressed

If required, wear the uniform correctly and neatly, as per the uniform guide with regards to:-

  • Good hygiene and Grooming
  • Makeup – Make sure not to overdo
  • Using Accessories
  • Be polite and well mannered
  • Invite the customer to your workstation
  • Remain polite and considerate with customers’ needs
  • Pay particular attention when asking customers to wait and be sensitive to their comfort
  • Be attentive to details up to saying goodbye
  • No drinking or eating while serving a guest at any touchpoint
  • Avoid chewing gum
  • Do not use personal mobiles, read novels or newspapers at guest touchpoints
  • Neglecting your appearance is not allowed
  • Quality and Sincerity of Staff greeting Customers
  • Greet customers with a warm, caring, and friendly smile and adapt to busy and quiet periods
  • Smile naturally
  • Find the right words and be tactful
  • Adapting to busy and quiet periods
  • Make sure the cordoned-off waiting lines are adapted to the number of customers waiting
  • If not busy adjust the queuing
  • If busy, inform customers about the waiting time and reassure them on what you are doing to decrease waiting time
  • Stand up and invite the customer with an elegant gesture(open palm), making eye contact and smiling
  • Do not speak loudly or with a harsh tone
  • Acknowledge a Priority Guest
  • The old, Persons living with a disability (PLWD), Pregnant ladies, sickly, and those with small children
  • Always welcome back the repeat Customer  with a warm caring friendly smile
  • Thank them for giving you their business
  • Always wish them a pleasant time
  • Product knowledge and efficiency at all touchpoints
  • Keep yourself up to date with the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Keep yourself up to date with the benefits of Premium Guests if available in your organization.
  • Offer very efficient and reliable service
  • Deliver  a high level of expertise in whatever service you are offering
  • Strive to deliver a complete service at each touchpoint
  • Do not be complacent
  • Do not give imprecise and incomplete information to guests
  • Enthusiasm and Attitude of Staff
  • Adopt an easy approach attitude to encourage the guest to communicate and express their request
  • Leave guests with a positive last impression of your Service and Company
  • Do not ignore a guest or look evasive
  • Avoid cold body language
  • Courtesy and Friendliness of Staff

  Do not show annoyance by:

  • Pulling a face
  • Sighing or rolling your eyes
  • Making unpleasant comments about a guest with a colleague
  • Queue Management and Speed
  • Proper queue management must be established with a flow walker, to ensure a constant flow and speed.
  • Only Senior staff members should queue comb
  • The use of queue binders, where necessary, is recommended to enhance passenger flow.
  • Queue binders must be neatly arranged

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