Support – ISO 9001:2015

Support – ISO 9001:2015

Support – ISO 9001:2015

Clause 7 of ISO 9001:2015 addresses support. One of the main resources in any organization is Resources.  So what exactly are these resources?

The organization is supposed to provide the following resources to ensure that the established management system operates according to the desired efficiencies. The resources talked about in clause 7.1 includes

  1. General resources – The standard requires of organizations to not only determine the resources necessary but to provide the said resources if an organization is to establish, implement, maintain and continually improve a Quality Management system. While planning on resource provision, an organization is to consider the capabilities and the constraints of the existing resources and whatever needs to be acquired from external providers.
  2. People – A quality management system cannot implement itself. An organization should therefore determine  and provide the right persons to execute the implementation of the system
  3. Infrastructure ­– this includes buildings and associated utilities, equipment- hardware and software, transportation, information and communication technology.
  4. Environment for operation processes – This environment should include both human and physical aspects. The social i.e. calm and non-confrontational, non-discriminatory, psychological – emotionally protective and stress-reducing/prevention. Physical aspects like temperature hygiene and noise should be factored in.
  5. Monitoring and measuring resources. – This is specifically for organizations that use monitoring or measuring to verify conformity of their products/ services to requirements. It is a requirement that the resources provided are suitable for specific measurement and are maintained for continued fitness to for their purpose.

Where measurement traceability is a requirement, measuring equipment should be calibrated or verified at specified intervals before use and they should be safeguarded from adjustments damage or deterioration that would invalidate the calibration status and affect the measurements.

  • Organizational Knowledge- This is a requirement for any organization that wants to implement a Quality Management System to determine the knowledge necessary for the operation of the processes.  This knowledge is to be maintained and made available to the extent necessary. Organizations should safeguard their knowledge as when leaked to their competitors, it can cause them a lot of damage.This knowledge can include internal resources such as intellectual property,  knowledge gained from experience etc and external sources like academia, conferences, standards, etc.

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