How small businesses can benefit from ISO 45001

How small businesses can benefit from ISO 45001

How small businesses can benefit from ISO 45001

There is a degree of strain that comes with being an entrepreneur. To begin is a long list of requirements to comply with. Licenses and legal requirements top that list. Then there’s the question of sustainability that needs consideration. Small businesses have recognized the impact of having an Occupational Health and Safety Systems in place. Here’s how the implementation of the Occupational Health and Safety Standard, ISO 45001 can spur growth in small enterprises.

Decreased risks

Risk does not discriminate. Small businesses, too, have their share of it. ISO 45001 is structured in a way that takes care of the needs of the large or small organizations and can help mitigate some of these risks. Contractors, sub-contractors and other parties are more likely to feel the effect of implementing an Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. When correctly done, this will establish controls to manage OH&S risks as well as create and increase awareness about them in compliance with legal and other requirements. As a result, it will ensure that there is a safe and healthy working environment for all.

Higher productivity

The use of an Occupational Health and Safety Systems allows small business the opportunity to deal with safety concerns in a single structured way. There is little time that will be spent trying to figure out what to do as it’s all spelt out. ISO 45001 also stipulates acceptable and unacceptable behaviours for employees, keeping them committed to the team and the organization.

Reduced costs

When the work environment is taken care of, costs start going down. Implementation of an OH&S system will inevitably lead to less sick employees, which trickles down to decreased healthcare costs. When your employees are satisfied, the staff turnover also decreases. This saves the business costs that could otherwise be incurred during the recruitment and training of new personnel.

Social responsibility

The effective implementation of an OH&S system considers all factors that affect the business. These factors rope in the entire community. The organization’s activities become connected with all interested parties within and without. When a small business uses ISO 45001, it shows their commitment to health and safety, and ultimately demonstrates that it is socially responsible.

Better brand and image

An enterprise that takes care of health and safety gains in terms of credibility. It also gives confidence to customers that the business is committed to working with a particular set of principles. In the public eye, such a company is considered the right partner when choosing who to support.

Continuous improvement

As a systems requirement, the process of continuous improvement is vital for the betterment of products, services and processes. By taking steps in the right direction, small businesses ultimately improve their results and strategy.

Let’s wind up

Small businesses form the majority of the business community and have a crucial impact on society. When small businesses thrive, economies follow. Implementation of ISO 45001 will, therefore, mean a healthy workforce, a healthy economy and a healthy community.

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