Guidance for auditors while visiting auditee’s location

Guidance for auditors while visiting auditee’s location

When auditors visit the client/auditees location, they should be careful to minimize interference of the ongoing processes. Just because there is a scheduled audit does not mean the auditee should not operate their business or minimize their activity. Remember, as an auditor, there is so much you can be able to deduce just from observing the running processes. 

Consider the following when visiting the site for the health and safety of the auditors;

  • Seek prior permission to access the auditees workplace/site according to the scope of work.
  • Schedule communication channels before and during the audit.
  • Confirm if the personal protective equipment (PPE) is available for use during the audit are properly won during the audit process.
  • Emergency procedures should be communicated eg, in case of fire or flooding, earthquakes, and the assembly points.
  • Ensure the auditors are briefed on matters of security, health, safety, and any cultural norms. If some form of clearance is needed, it should be requested in advance.
  • Inform the auditee about the audit objectives and the scope in advance unless for ad-hoc audits i.e. for food
  • When on-site, avoid disruption of the auditee’s operational activities
  • The number of auditors should not be too many as to cause a disturbance in the auditees processes. 
  • Auditors should not operate machines without authorization even if they have the competence.
  • All incidences and accidents should be reported to the team leader so as to determine if the audit will be continued or canceled. 
  • Prior authorization should be sought before taking photos, videos, or screenshots of the auditee’s work or persons doing work on site. This may cause a breach of confidentiality.
  • If copies of work should be required, this should be requested in advance and caution should be taken to avoid any breach of confidentiality.
  • Avoid taking personal information during evidence collection unless the audit objective requires you to do so. 
  • Eat at designated places only. 

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