Employee training and how to maintain it

Employee training and how to maintain it

Employee training and how to maintain it

2020 has been unique. Organizations struggled to remain buoyant in an increasingly hostile market, juggling between transitioning with new technologies and finding a balance between staying manual and fully automating.

Nevertheless, we cannot ignore the opportunities that came with the grounding pandemic. Employee-centric organizations are using the downtime during this pandemic to train and improve their staff members’ qualities. Owners, managers and investors recognize that for their organizations to run smoothly, they need a team that is up to the task. After all, employees make the backbone of the company.

ISO 9001:2015 commitment to continuous improvement

ISO certification improves organizations using many tactics. To be ISO certified means that an organization is committed to the requirements of continuous improvement. The culture of a company is developed by what the employees are exposed to on a day-to-day basis. It is then vital that you ensure that your star line up can take ownership of the processes and procedures that make the organization run. How does an organization do this?

  1. Identify the competence areas that affect employees’ performance
  2. Provide the necessary expertise and evaluate its effectiveness

Continuous training for competence

For your organization to remain competitive, the staff in charge of the QMS processes need to be continually assessed through training, reassignment or exposure. Here are ways you can incorporate to achieve this:

  • From the get-go-Employee training should start from the beginning.  During the onboarding process, HR should begin by explaining the company culture and what the company expects from the recruit. There should also be a period allocated for updating the employee’s skills to fit into their new organization. This is commonly referred to as role-specific training.
  • Annually- A great way to keep an organization aligned to its goals and visions is to run a yearly training program for its employees. Such a program will update your team on what has changed in their scope of work.
  • Training incentives– In every organization, some employees stand out as leaders. Such people can be recruited as trainers to guide their fellows. For this to happen successfully, the organization could come up with incentives to those people who would be willing to take on training responsibilities. This encourages an improved level of employee buy-in, peer to peer review and an opportunity for the company to train trainers.
  • Technically- we live in a technological world. Systems are updated frequently. Your company needs to avail resources to train its employees whenever there is a significant system update or a change in systems that concern the organization.
  • Continual learning requirements– Continuous learning requirements are a great tool that the organization could use to keep their team motivated. Some companies have an online portal that they use to educate their employees on topics they are interested in. Once a course is completed, the employee gets an opportunity to interview for a different, higher position based on the competencies earned.

Great organizations are made of great people. Having team members who understand their importance is essential for any organization’s success. Train constantly.

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